Our commitment is to provide integrative health and wellness education for the body, mind and spirit to individuals, families and communities.  Our objective is to help empower you to be self-sufficient, informed and to prepared take proactive measures toward achieving and maintaining optimal health.  

We understand the challenges of high need, limited access and low resources in many communities and endeavor to work with you to meet these challenges in creative and effective ways. Our approaches are integrative, collaborative and comprehensive. Information and materials are practical and adaptable for you – individual, student, educator, parent, family and community – to promote and reinforce integrative health and lifelong wellness.

As our nation engages around health care reform, we each must consider our personal role, responsibility and commitment to our individual health and the health of our families, communities and environment. The choices we make each day affect our health, performance and productivity. Upon what truth are we making our choices? Consider “if”, “how” and “from what source” we are being informed about what is best for our well-being. Is it the voice of an industry (dairy, meat, grain), fast or packaged foods, soft drink or bottled water suppliers; is it a medical association, pharmaceutical industry, vitamin and supplement manufacturers, . . . the media? A movement toward wellness requires re-education about our health from many voices and perspectives . . . cultural, traditional, spiritual wisdom and practices. It means developing clarity of understanding about ourselves – our thoughts, behaviors, bodies, nutrition and environment; an understanding of cause and effect . . . ultimately to engage in responsible, healthy and sustainable behaviors in our daily lives.

Our team and collaborators will work with you to create and facilitate workshops and provide services, resources and experiences that are relevant and appropriate to your unique needs. This may include, but is not limited to:


Film Screenings

CNG will host a documentary film screening on a specific topic of interest. Film screenings are provided to raise awareness, educate and provide a comprehensive understanding of a topic. The film is followed by a facilitated discussion of the issues raised and audience Q&A.

A film screening is an effective method of stimulating a broader discussion relevant to a group or community and may help to determine subsequent workshop planning for a health and wellness education series. (Topics may include:  Food & Nutrition; Diabetes; Cancer; Hypertension; Sustainable Lifestyles; Fresh, Local Foods & Resources; Integrative Health Modalities, Pharmaceutical Drugs, Environment, etc.)


What is good nutrition? Given the epidemic of obesity and the pervasiveness of diabetes across the U.S., CNG examines one of the most common perils in the contemporary American diet – sugar.  The discussion will include an understanding of Primary Foods, fast and packaged foods, organic and locally grown produce, examining your unique food needs (choices, quality, quantity), and how to cultivate healthy nutritional behaviors.

Cleansing Program

To optimize well-being, a Restorative Cleansing Program is introduced and conducted over a two to three week period to detoxify the body, improve digestion and absorption and initiate the process of balancing the system.  The cleanse program will be monitored by Dr. Robert J. Woodbine.

Men’s Health

A facilitated discussion on issues of relevance to men during transitional life stages – puberty, young adult, mid-life  and senior. The discussion will include topics on general nutrition, exercise, healthy lifestyle habits, prevention, early warnings, supplementation, etc.

Women’s Health

A facilitated discussion on issues of relevance to women during transitional life stages – puberty, child-bearing age, menopause and senior. The discussion will include topics on general nutrition, exercise, healthy lifestyle habits, prevention, early warnings, supplementation, etc.


Stress as an underlying, influencing factor in many of today’s chronic illnesses. We will discuss stress, the affects of stress in its many manifestations and how it contributes to our mental, physical and emotional health and well-being.  We will consider the importance of cultivating self-awareness, and talk about tools and techniques to minimize and transcend the negative effects of stress.


A discussion and experience of the benefits of meditation and mindfulness?  Highlights about the use of meditation around the world and throughout history, and our current return to the application of meditative practice. We will review various meditation practices and methods and facilitate a guided meditation.

Movement & Body Awareness

Massage & Bodywork – A discussion of massage therapy and healing touch informed by the wisdom of ancient practices and traditions. Massage is the skillful manipulation of soft tissues of the body for therapeutic purposes. Knowlege and application of massage can reduce the affects of stress, improve circulation, encourage relaxation, help to remove blockages to promote the free flow of energy and support the body's intrinsic capacity to heal itself.

Qi Gong – A workshop explains the principles of breath and energy movement practices to improve balance, build strength, increase self-awareness and promote overall wellness.

Tai Chi – Introductory workshop explaining principles and movement to foster inner peace and calm, mental clarity, physical balance and improve health.

Yoga – Workshop includes gentle movement and body postures (asanas), breath work, body alignment and awareness to stimulate and relax the body as well as promote the integration of mind, body and spirit.

Auricular Acupuncture

Participants receive an overview of the history, theory, uses and benefits of acupuncture. Auricular acupuncture, specifically, is excellent for modifying addictive behaviors as well as promoting the Relaxation Response. Participants can experience the use of acupuncture to promote the Relaxation Response and facilitate healing. 




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